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brawl pony hacks

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1brawl pony hacks Empty brawl pony hacks on Tue Mar 05, 2013 1:06 am

Like I mentioned in my introduction post, I am heading up a modding project to put ponies in brawl. Currently I am working on Rainbow dash but do plan on doing at least the mane 6 if not more. the info thread can be found on a site called kcmm or brawl vault (I can't post links for a few days since I'm new but just google rainbow dash brawl mod and it should be at the top just look for my name)

The main reason for this post though is to try to recruit some help for the project, I figured this would be the perfect site to do it on as the primary interests here are smash bros. and ponies. You don't need any hacking experience really just be willing to learn ( it's not too hard just takes time) right now anypony with 3-D modeling experience would be a lifesaver as the main issues with her are model related but this is a full custom moveset over pit.

I know I'm new here and I don't mean to seem like the guy that showed up and started spamming brawl hacks so I won't keep bringing this up if there isn't any interest but any help will be much appreciated, I joined the project about a year and a half ago with four others and am currently the only one left working on it so I could use some help /)(^3^)(\

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